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Severn Trent was one of last year’s winners in the Social Media Team of the Year. Here Bill Wilson, who heads up the team, explains why he thinks you should enter and how he found the whole experience …


What attracted you to the UK Awards in particular?

It’s fair to say there are a lot of different awards out there but what really draws us into the UK National Contact Centre Awards is that these are the largest and the longest established. We wanted to choose a programme that had real credibility and meant something, and that’s what you guys tend to be able to offer above anybody else.

How did you decide what category to enter?

We looked across the business areas in which we had excelled during the year and social was one of them. As our business has grown digitally, we are seeing some substantial growth from the social perspective. It was a real opportunity for us to try and benchmark ourselves against the industry. We know we are pretty confident we’re leading the way within our sector but we really wanted that external benchmark for what’s going on within the industry.

How did you find the Judging process?

The judging process was easy for us to do. We were able to pull it together and it was just really straight forward.

Do you have any tips for people think of taking part?

I guess first and foremost it’s free to enter, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain because you get to benchmark yourself against the industry. Hopefully if you are shortlisted you will get to go and present in front of the judges which is a great experience. Then you will get to go to the finals and meet all your industry peers and that’s a great experience as well. I would say when you’re completing your nomination form look at your organisation though the eyes of an outsider as we are all guilty of acronyms and jargon. Also really bring your team together on the nomination as they will be able to contribute the real nuggets of information that you can share.

How would you say it’s impacted your role / career or other social media teams or outside of the business?

The social media team here has been going for a couple of years now and it’s very visible to everybody what we do. But I think this really helped us get the people in the business to understand who the team are. It showed them that we have got a great social media team, not just within our sector but to be recognised within the industry has had a real impact. It’s helped me in meetings by elevating my voice to say this team, the leader of the team have done the job of being recognised on a UK basis and that’s really positive.

Can you put into words how you felt when you won and how you celebrated?

It’s a great feeling. Everybody can talk about how they are best within their industry or best in their sector but to be recognised by an organisation of your size and stature, to be held up against some of the great brands or organisations that enter the competition and then too win is just indescribable really. It was a moment of pure elation that quickly led into how are we going to get this message out across our organisation and really celebrate the success of the team and everything we did. We were on the train back the following day writing posts and emails to circulate around the organisation to tell everybody about this amazing achievement.

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