It’s Still All About People


For the past 22 years, the UK National Contact Centre Awards have recognised outstanding individuals in the contact centre and customer service industry.

This year we are opening up new categories for Teams and Organisations. These new awards still retain the focus on people rather than technology or systems but feedback from previous nominees was that some of the categories were more appropriate to recognise at a team or organisational level.

Let’s look at the Team categories first.


Celebrating the achievements of teams

In companies of any size, recruitment, learning & development, social media, and webchat are generally not carried out by just one person but many. While a great leader of a team can make a huge difference, we believe it is more reflective of reality to recognise the whole team for these particular disciplines. This was also partly in response to the demands of entrants from previous years, who told us they would like to be able to reward whole teams as well as individuals.

Why enter a team category? If your company has a team that excels in any of these four areas, let the world know about it. Use the awards to raise the profile of your team internally as well as externally. You can also reward the team members by taking them to the gala dinner to network and celebrate with their peers.


Recognising organisations which positively impact their staff and communities

We are particularly excited about the new organisation awards, which will recognise programmes such as health and wellbeing, flexible working, and community impact initiatives. We know a lot of contact centres are working hard on initiatives like these, and we are keen to encourage more.

Success in these categories will be determined by the positive impact the nominated programme is having on the people for whom it was designed. For example, if your company has a flexible resourcing programme – like flexi-time, homeworking, annualised hours, allowing advisors to manage their own shifts, breaks or holidays – how has this changed the lives of advisors for the better? How has it impacted morale? You should back this up with proof; for example, a reduction in absences and turnover, or tangible improvements in other KPIs. You could even include testimonials from those affected.

Why enter an organisation category? Society is undergoing dramatic change and there are companies that recognise that they have a responsibility to help make those transformations positive. If you are proud of the efforts your company is making, and would like to encourage others to do more of the same – as well as show the business benefits to your board – winning a high profile national award can only help.


Identifying individual talent as always

As we have done for 22 years now, the bulk of our categories are about highlighting the work of the most exceptional people in our industry. From operations to QA, from team leaders to senior managers, recipients of a UK National Contact Centre Award tend to go on to great things.

Why enter? If your company has talented individuals, show that you appreciate them by nominating them for our industry’s most prestigious national award. (Or, if you think you’re great at what you do and would like to prove it, nominate yourself!)


All the categories

The full list of categories is below. Remember it’s free to enter but we must receive your nominations by midnight on 28 February. 

Individual Award Categories:

  • Contact Centre Manager of the Year (Outsourced, Small, Medium, Large)
  • Team Manager
  • Business Improvement Manager
  • Contact Centre Support Manager
  • Customer Relations Manager
  • Resource Planning Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Customer Experience Champion

Team Award Categories:

  • Recruitment Team of the Year
  • Learning and Development Team of the Year
  • Social Media Team of the Year
  • Webchat Team of the Year

Organisation Award Categories:

  • Most Effective Health and Wellbeing Programme
  • Most Positive Impact on the Community
  • Most Effective Homeworking Programme
  • Most Effective Flexible Resourcing Initiative

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