What’s new for 2019?

A quick look at the new categories


For 24 years now the UK National Contact Centre Awards (formerly CCMA Awards) have stayed relevant by growing with our industry.

What started out as an awards programme for call centre managers gradually evolved to recognise other functions, including support roles away from the frontline action of interacting with customers and managing advisors.

Two years ago we added several whole new categories to recognise teams alongside individuals, and even programmes like homeworking, health and wellbeing, and employee recognition initiatives that are transforming the industry.

This year we have consulted with the judges, past participants, and CCMA members to find out what’s relevant to you and come up with 5 new categories.

As I said on the recent webinar, it’s a good idea to look at the new categories as they can be underrepresented the first year, meaning you’ve a better chance of getting through and even picking up an award as a trailblazer!

Training/Coaching Manager: You told us that you wanted an individual award for training managers as it’s such an important role, so here it is. Nominees will be responsible for the learning and development of contact centre teams, with responsibility for things like induction, academy, talent management and operational coaching. Showing the impact the nominee has had on operational metrics, like improving the customer experience or bottom line, will be key to getting shortlisted here.

Digital Team: We previously had separate categories for social media and webchat teams, however for most operators these teams tend to sit together. We also wanted to include messaging and other digital channels, so we felt it was simpler to bring all non-voice channels together under one category. Alignment across different channels to deliver seamless experiences will be one measure, and teams should demonstrate how they consistently support their brand online.

Business Improvement Team: We have always had a Business Improvement Manager of the Year category, which has now been transformed into a team category. When the Business Improvement Manager was judged last year the judges naturally felt that it should include the team as a whole. Shortlisted teams should be able to demonstrate the approach that they take to identifying issues and deploying solutions and the results that have been realised.

Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme: We and many of the judges felt it was important to create an award to recognise this issue, which is very prominent in the workplace at the moment. Our seminar on this topic late last year was incredibly popular and we hope to add further momentum by recognising such initiatives. To progress entrants should demonstrate that they have gone above and beyond legal requirements and created an environment where everyone feels valued.

Most Effective Employee Engagement Programme: Employee engagement has been one of the hot button topics in the industry over the last year or so, and demand from members for this new category was extremely high. Along with colleague engagement KPIs, nominations will be measured against how they have achieved a positive impact on the performance/productivity of the organisation.

Whatever categories you choose to enter this year, we wish you all the best and if I or any of the team can be of any help please do get in touch.

Ann-Marie Stagg, Chief Executive, CCMA

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